UFOs seen in Constellational Formations

Solving the Mystery of the Millennium
1999 by Lance Carlyle Carter (9-22-99)

Some UFOs appear to be flying in formations that resemble constellations. Are they trying to cover their movements by appearing in patterns that if drawn or filmed would appear as ordinary constellations? What if they are trying to establish communication with us through their flight patterns? Is there any evidence that these UFO flight patterns have appeared in the past, and if so, what do we know about those patterns? These questions will be answered in an upcoming lecture-workshop.

I had previously observed UFOs flying in formation back in the mid seventies and noted that about 36 UFOs were stationed at intersection points of the hours of right ascension and every 10 degrees of declination over the sky immediately above. These UFOs maintained their positions for many hours. At the same time in my life, I had been learning how to decipher ancient calendar signs from Dr. Hugh Moran, who was the world expert in that field.

Recently I was presented with the puzzle of figuring out how to decipher a set of UFO flight, although the drawings I was given to decipher were simply dots connected by lines. These drawings were very similar to the ancient calendar signs that I had worked with before, which were based on constellations. After presenting my findings, I was informed that the dot patterns were based on UFO flight formations in the video, Voyagers of the Sixth Sun. Then, using the actual video, I carefully plotted the positions of the UFOs on transparencies and discovered that these flight formations did indeed resemble constellations. Then I labeled the UFO dots with the appropriate Greek letters and star and constellation names. These UFO Flight Formation transparencies will be shown at the lecture.

As the UFOs seemed to change formation from one form to another, the sequence of the pattern could be important. If each UFO flight formation could be interpreted as the letter of the alphabet, a sequence of formations could be interpreted as a sentence, paragraph, etc. After plotting these UFO flight formations, I observed that the UFOs were also observing certain rules of geometry, such as maintaining positions that appeared to be on a grid. The grid was based on the positions of the two UFOs closest to the horizon, which defined the x-axis. The left-most UFO helped define the y-axis. The grid units appeared to be based on the apparent distance that UFOs maintained to each other. How to plot a UFO flight formation will also be covered in this investigation. Learn what an Alpha formation would look like. How would you interpret multiple UFO flight formations?

What does this all mean? For starters, if the UFOs flight formations resemble constellations, then they may be interpreted using traditional methods of decipherment. Of course, we have to assume that when these UFOs assume constellational shapes for us, that they want to be recognized and their patterns interpreted. What if these constellational patterns have been used for thousands of years as calendar signs and for written communications as well? What if the majority of the ancient world’s writing systems are based on constellations? Is it possible that the UFOs have flown in these flight formations to communicate with the peoples of the earth in the past and are they using these flight formations to communicate with us now? Is it a coincidence that these flight formations have religious significance as well? If these UFO craft were prohibited from making direct communications with the peoples of the earth, maybe they could communicate with those elders who knew how to read the signs in the sky. Since the meanings of the signs are practically the same around the world, the message from these UFO flight formations might be universal. These UFOs may have visited the peoples of the earth in the past, and understand our ancient calendars and alphabets.

I then compared these UFO flight formations with calendar signs and glyphs from the ancient Chinese, Mayan and Hebrew. Parallels to mythology and the Tarot tradition were discovered, indicating a pervasive role for these stellar patterns. These clues led me to solve the mystery of the millennium. What is the message of these UFOs? How can future flight formations be interpreted? How do we classify these formations? What is the next phase of fight formations? Can computers be used to decipher future formations?

One reason why these UFO may be appearing in formation at this time is to prepare us for the coming of the Aquarian Age, which isn’t based on our calendar but on the celestial cycles of the sun, moon and earth. On the vernal equinox of the year 2000, the position of the sun on the ecliptic as it crosses the equator will be at right angles to the galactic equator. That not only indicates the beginning of the Aquarian Age, but it also indicates that we are at a major axis of the 26,000 year cycle called the precession of the equinox. This celestial coincidence is becoming more imminent as Epoch 2000 approaches. Epoch 2000 is the Spring Equinox on March 19, 2000 at 11:36 pm PST.

I was asked by SHIFT members to decode a set of pages which each had a series of dots connected by lines. The reason I was asked to do this kind of blind test was because I had previously said that I had experience deciphering constellational patterns by reading the dot patterns of the stars. I looked at the puzzles of dots that was given me and came up with some possible decipherments of the dot patterns, but it didn’t look as if I had any exact fits of a dot pattern over a star pattern. Then I was told that the dot patterns were based on footage filmed by SR Tomas Islas and is featured on the UFO video called Voyagers of the Sixth Sun. The dot patterns were purported to be actual UFO flight formations.

Using the video, I plotted the flight formations on plastic and assigned them constellational names. This was a difficult process that took hours of plotting the dots on large pieces of plastic transparency. I was able to divide the UFO flight formations into distinct segments using the time stamps that were present on the videotape, meaning that when such a such a time stamp was present, then the UFOs were in such a such formation. Then I assigned the Greek name and star name of each dot in the UFO flight formation. (There seemed to be date stamps from two distinct dates, suggesting that the UFO stationed in that area were in the habit of assuming various constellational patterns over the years. Maybe other areas of the world where UFOs are observed will see different kinds of flight formations such as purely geometrical. That needs to be investigated too.)

Then I developed a method of plotting the UFOs by establishing the X axis by drawing a line between the lowest stars that were closest to the horizon. Then I set the Y axis at right angle to the x axis using a protractor. Then I ploted the positions of the dots and found out something astounding. It appeared as if the UFOs were in constellational formation as well as in some form of mathematical formation as well. The distances that these objects were from each other seemed to be based on a base unit that was formed by the objects closest to the origin point. Other objects out from that point seemed to lie in lines, as if on a grid. For instance in one example, on the x axis objects appeared at 100mm, 200mm and 500mm. The placement of the objects appeared to be geometrical in that even though the UFO flight formations were in constellational patterns, the main consideration seemed to be that they appear at key locations on an imaginary grid formed by their positions. Basically, their flight formations are the basis of the grid which they appear to base their flight formations on. As the flight formation changes by stretching or contracting, the grid is also modified. The grid may also depend upon the point of view of the observer. Some patterns may be tailored for viewing from a certain location, and with two observing sites, the UFO flight formations may shift to display the same flight formation but to a different observing site. It seems that the grid system may be usable in some instances, yet it may have to be adapted in certain situations where some objects are very distant so you know that the perspective may be deceiving. The UFOs in closest proximity to the observer are probably the best ones to use as reference points in judging the positions of distant UFOs.

In the examples I examined, the UFO flight formations could easily be plotted, but when working with videos where the camera is unsteady and panning wildly then it won’t be possible to determine reliable positions. In those instances it would be better to use the stars (UFOs) in closest proximity as reference points and to note the approximate positions of some objects. Having a planet or constellation nearby would be ideal for determining the position of a UFO. Some flight formations may appear backwards due to the fact that they may have been created for another point of view. If these groups of UFOs maintain position relative to each other, they could stay in formation and make wide arcs so that their patterns would be unrecognizable from certain angles. Having multiple observers from a variety of positions would be ideal for observations.

It would also be useful to know how far groups of UFOs are from each other. Knowing the behavior of the groups of UFOs would also be useful. Are certain patterns repeated? Are patterns altered? Is there any observable sequence of UFO flight formations? All of this information is necessary to determine if the UFO flight formations are intended to be deciphered. Once that these UFOs know that we can decipher their flight formations, they might put on more flight formation shows such as like the displays of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, except instead of lights on a big ship, many small ships could be used to form the constellational characters, possibly in alphabetical formation.

If these UFOs do fly in constellational formations that are linked to alphabetical letters, then writing historians and archeoastronomers may be required to help decipher any messages. The messages may come in a form similar to forms of ancient writing. There is something about these UFO flight formations that reminds me of ancient writing, and I believe that they are saying something important to us with their flight formations.

If we were to respond to these UFO flight formations with some formations of our own, we might turn on lights in certain patterns in order to communicate a geometrical form much in the manner of a display board made with light bulbs hooked into a giant grid controlled by a computer.

The UFO formations may in themselves be a form of communication, with each flight formation meaning a different thing. If flight formations do take the form of constellational patterns, then we can try to see if there is some cosmic meaning attached to the constellational flight formations or look for historical connections. It is quite possible that if these UFO craft had been here before, then the UFO flight formations that were observed by early peoples may be some of the same ones we see today. If these flight formations conform to the constellational shapes recognized by ancient peoples, then we have a method of deciphering these UFO flight formations. We might call a certain pattern the Alpha formation or the Beta Formation. Likewise we could call them the Lyra formation or the Ursa Major flight formation. Classifying flight formations by names associated with their alphabetical letters might be useful if we knew which alphabet was being used, but until then the constellational look alike’s name will should be sufficient. Using flight formations, UFOs could conceivably spell out any word from any alphabet. If UFOs ever make contact using a series of flight formations, then those flight formations could conceivably be deciphered. It was just a coincidence that I was able to decipher these UFO flight formations because of my earlier training in recognizing constellational star patterns. The hard part will come in the cataloging the videos and photos from people who have actual footage of these UFO flight formations.

Using the ground or other stationary point as a reference point is very important. The ground or a landmark in the video can be used to establish the z-dimension. The Z reference point may be the dashboard of a car or the top of a tree. Clouds in the sky can also be used, but determining distances that way is not an easy undertaking. If you knew where the cameraman was standing, what direction was he facing, how low the cloud cover was, then maybe some estimates of an object’s distance from the observer could be made. Without any stationary objects in the picture and points in the distance to use as references, making estimates of distance is difficult. Just being able to determine that there was a pattern visible may all that we can do sometimes. Although it may be difficult to classify all of the patterns, maybe a computer driven video analyzer can be used to catalog the UFO flight formations and classify them according to various methods.

Those who would film or video these UFO flight formations should get a tripod to keep the footage steady and use a compass to give some kind of idea of the direction. Point in the direction of North and describe the local landmarks. Somebody should describe exactly what is being seen in intricate detail.

May the Spirit of the Age of Aquarius be Upon Us — Lance Carlyle Carter

The following is a quote from Robert Dean, UFO researcher:

I'd like to make a point here. And one of them is this. We're not simply facing the end of a decade or a century. We're not simply facing the end of a millenium. All of those are true. The calendar doesn't mean a damn thing because it's artificial and we put it together and some of the Dominican monks who worked on it were, I think, had too much wine at the time and they'd made a few estimates that didn't work out and we find out that now we've learned a few things that the beautiful young man from Galilee who they base their calendar on literally was born 7 BC. There's enough history to show us that he was born on the first of March. He was a Pisces as he said, 'I bring you the sign of the fish.' He also brought in the Pisces Age, which we are now bringing to a close. Two thousand years one hundred and sixty years of an age is coming to an end. Ladies and Gentlemen that is the issue that is so important. It has nothing to do with the calendar… We've come to the end of a twenty-six thousand-year cycle and in the first fifteen years of this century, this new coming century, we're going to be in our position in the galaxy where we're smack in the middle of where we were twenty-six thousand years ago. And that is the total time it takes for all the twelve signs, the astrological signs, to do their two thousand one hundred and sixty years each. So you're living in exciting times. God bless you.

— Robert Dean at his lecture at the UFO EXPO in San Mateo CA., Sept. 4, 1999

The linked pages below offer star maps that picture UFO Flight Formations as filmed by SR TOMAS ISLAS in the UFO documentary Voyagers of the Sixth Sun. I am including text printouts with coordinates so readers can plot these UFOs for themselves and see what I am trying to present.

The links below are to UFO Flight Formations which are presented as star maps,
although they originally appeared as balls of light against a cloudy night sky.

May the Spirit of the Age of Aquarius be Upon Us — Lance Carlyle Carter